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Welcome to Hika's frequently asked questions! This is where we try to answer any questions you might have.

🔍 How are trails selected?

Two criteria are particularly important for a trail to be added on Hika.

First, the trail must be surrounded by nature, far from any human development, as we believe hiking is much more enjoyable when done in a calm environment.

Secondly, we consider the landscapes qualities, to make you discover the best our planet has to offer.

We are a team of several outdoors enthusiasts scanning areas in search of the best trails, for now in France and soon in more places.

⭐️ How are trails rated?

Each trail's rating is given by Hika, in order to ensure consistency across all the areas we cover.

Rating trails from 1 to 5 makes it possible to differentiate a nice local hike from an exceptional one, but we sincerely believe that all trails added in Hika deserve to be experienced. We would simply not add a mediocre one, instead of adding it with a low rating.

Criteria that affect rating:

  • Positive criteria: beauty and variety of landscapes, presence of water, exceptional natural elements, preserved environment, loop trail...
  • Negative criteria: monotonous landscape, partially urbanised environment, portion on tarmac road, out and back trail, overcrowding...

To know more about our rating criteria, please check our dedicated article.

💪 How is the difficulty of the trail estimated?

A trail can be categorized as easy, medium or difficult. This depends on criteria such as the length, elevation, and exceptional circumstances like the presence of ladders or precipices.

We recommend an easy trail for an occasional hiker, a medium one for a regular hiker, and a difficult one for an experienced hiker only.

⏱ How is the trail duration calculated?

The trail duration estimate is based on a formula from the German Alpine Club - the Deutscher Alpenverein.

This formula states that a hiker travels 300 meters uphill, 500 meters downhill and about 4 kilometers of horizontal distance per hour. The smaller value from the vertical distance calculation is then divided by two and added to the other two values. Do you follow? 😛

Otherwise, here is an online calculator to estimate the duration of a hike, without having to understand the formula! Select the "DAV Standard".

🌍 Where can I hike with Hika?

Trails are available in mainland France, as well as in Corsica, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Reunion. Belgium and Switzerland are also covered. New hikes are added every week in order to densify these territories.

An oversight on our part? Any idea to improve Hika? Do not hesitate to let us know at contact@hika.app.