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France's best hikes in Hika

Our rating criteria


Everything you need to know about ratings and accreditations visible in Hika.

Possible ratings

Local trail
Go there if you are already nearby

Interesting trail
This one deserves a detour

Great trail
Certainly a must-see in the area

Exceptional trail
Awe and wonder await you

World-class trail
A hike you will tell your great grandchildren about

Where do ratings come from?

At Hika, we want to make sure you discover the most beautiful hikes, wherever you are.

This is why a team of experts takes care of identifying the best trails, then evaluating them according to a well-defined list of specifications.

What are the criteria?

👍 Positive criteria

  • Exceptional natural elements
  • Variety of landscapes
  • Presence of water bodies
  • Possibility to spot wildlife
  • Loop trail
  • Unspoiled environment

👎 Negative criteria

  • Monotonous landscapes
  • Artificial environment
  • Walking on asphalt road
  • There-and-back trail
  • Surrounding noise
  • Crowded trail

One last word

Rating hikes from 1 to 5 makes it possible to differentiate a nice local hike from an exceptional outing, but we sincerely believe that all the trails added in Hika deserve to be explored. Otherwise, we just don't add them.

So no excuse ... let's go outside! 🥾