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The 8 most beautiful hikes in Corsica

The 8 most beautiful hikes in Corsica


Sea or mountain, do you really have to choose? Not always ! Corsica, nicknamed the "island of beauty", has something for everyone, and hikers are certainly not left out. Summits over 2500 meters, waterfalls, gorges, forests, sea views... It is generally enough to travel a few tens of kilometers to find yourself in settings as varied as they are exceptional.

It was therefore not easy to pick only a few, but here is our selection of the most beautiful hikes in Corsica.

Our favorite

Saw-toothed red peaks, rocky walls, pines twisted by the wind... It's no coincidence that the Aiguilles de Bavella are one of the most famous panoramas in Corsica! Not to be missed.

The most beautiful lake

The path leading to this high altitude lake presents attractive contrasts: pines, a mineral part, then pastures. But the real star of this hike is undoubtedly Lake Nino and its intensely green pozzines.

The highest peak

Departing from Lozzi, this path allows you to climb Monte Cinto via the south face. Being the highest peak in Corsica (2,706 m), the climb is difficult, but the view is incomparable.

The most beautiful gorges

The journey to reach this hike alone is worth the detour! It allows you to discover the magnificent Restonica valley via a winding road from Corte. Once out of the car, you will set off to attack the two altitude lakes of Melo and Capitello, then the Bocca pass in Soglia. This offers a beautiful panorama of the surrounding peaks.

The most swimmable

It's still a bit of a shame to go to an island and spend your entire time inland, isn't it? For the adventurous, here is an itinerary to do over two days, split with a night at the Ghignu refuge. This path allows you to discover a preserved area, bordered by the Agriates desert.

The most family friendly

Less than 2 kilometers are needed to reach the Purcaraccia waterfalls. On arrival, basins and slides await you for a hike on the theme of water. Note that the place can be very busy in the summer (and we understand why).

The most beautiful sea view

Here is a short round trip to the Genoese tower of Turghiu. It is possible to climb to its summit and enjoy a 360 degree view of the Gulf of Porto, the creeks of Piana, and the Gulf of Sagone. Splendid.

The most unknown

The Cirque de Bonifatu is generally not one of the busiest places in Corsica. However, this hike to the Refuge de Carrozzu, passing by the impressive footbridge of Spasimata, is one of the most beautiful trails in the north of the island. A well-kept secret.

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