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The 6 most beautiful hikes in the Vercors

The 6 most beautiful hikes in the Vercors


Crests, limestone cliffs, gorges... The Vercors is a massif in the Pre-Alps with a complex and varied geography, which offers an ideal setting for hikers. In particular, it has some majestic and iconic peaks, such as Grand Veymont or Mont Aiguille.

So, where to start to discover this massif? Here is our selection of the 6 most beautiful hikes in the Vercors.

Our favorite

There is no shortage of beautiful hikes in the Vercors, but if we had to do just one, then we would choose the Mont Aiguille tour. This loop allows you to admire a spectacular mountain from all angles, considered one of the seven wonders of Dauphiné. The landscapes are wild, between undergrowth and meadows. A real treat.

The highest point of the Vercors

The Grand Veymont, the highest point of the Vercors (2341m), stands out as our second favorite hike in the massif. It also offers the prettiest panorama. It is a rather sporty hike, where you may have the chance to observe ibexes, marmots, and sometimes even vultures.

An easily accessible panorama

From Vallon de Combeau, the ascent to Tête Chevalière is less sporty than that of Grand Veymont. The panorama over the high plateaus of the Vercors is however also exceptional, with Mont Aiguille as the main actor.

The most beautiful view of Grenoble

Le Moucherotte is a classic of Grenoble, offering a panorama of the city. It is possible to reach the summit via a loop trail starting from Saint-Nizier-du-Moucherotte. An orientation table makes it possible to identify the central elements of view panorama, from the Massif Central to Mont-Blanc.

Yet another panorama

A few kilometers south of Moucherotte, and on the same line of crests, Pic Saint-Michel is an easier-to-access summit that offers a superb panorama. Its ascent in a forest environment, in a wild environment, also gives it a more playful aspect.

The most refreshing

If it's hot, head for the canyon of Gueulards in the south of Vercors. This dark and narrow canyon, between two cliffs, offers a refreshing setting appreciated during the summer. And the change of scenery is total, with the presence of boulders, lichens and ferns.

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Cover image: © Benoît Guilleux