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The 6 most beautiful hikes in Brittany

The 6 most beautiful hikes in Brittany


Steep coasts, hundreds of islands, long white sand beaches, water whose color sometimes reminds us of Corsica... Brittany is a region with varied landscapes, where nature knows how to remind you that whatever happens, it will always have the last word. So, far from the Alpine peaks, we put on our hiking boots and set off to discover paths tickling the ocean!

We offer a selection of day trips to discover this magnificent region.

Points of Van and Raz

Cliffs overhanging the sea 70 meters, coastal paths, wind and raging waves... Here is a magnificent summary of Brittany! Starting from the Pointe du Van, this loop runs along the Baie des Trépassés before going around the Pointe du Raz. Offshore, you can see the islet of La Vieille and the island of Sein.

Cap Fréhel

Departing from the famous Cap Fréhel lighthouse, stroll through the heart of preserved moors, along impressive cliffs overlooking the sea. A break is then possible at Fort la Latte, a 14th century castle built on a rocky promontory, offering a beautiful view of the bay of Saint-Malo and the Emerald Coast.

Erquy Point

A stone's throw from Cap Fréhel, the Pointe d'Erquy is also worth a detour. It offers a pretty succession of beaches, the most remarkable of which are those of Portuais and Lourtuais. We also appreciate the brightly colored moors and the pink sandstone cliffs, which contrast with the ocean.

Houat Island

A list of the best hikes in Brittany would not be complete without a trip to an island! And if we had to visit only one, we would opt for the island of Houat. This one has managed to remain wilder than the others, and a path allows you to go around it, alternating long white sand beaches and steeper coasts. A breath of fresh air (often fresh).

Cape of the Goat

Southern cape of the Crozon peninsula, Cap de la Chèvre is a majestic rocky promontory, dominating the bay of Douarnenez from sometimes 100 meters. A path allows you to follow the ocean on the side of the massif, offering a dizzying panorama.

Virgin Island

Let's stay on the Crozon peninsula to conclude this top 6 of Brittany with the Virgin Island. If you love Corsica, look no further! In the middle of pines, overhanging turquoise water, this little corner of Brittany looks like the Mediterranean.