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10 walks to go around the world without leaving France

10 walks to go around the world without leaving France


We all want a change of scenery... But sometimes it's complicated, between the budget that doesn't follow, the desire to preserve the planet, or the pandemics that never end.

Do not panic ! France is full of exotic landscapes to escape without having to travel great distances. Here is our top 10 hikes to go around the world while staying in France.

Colorado in Provence 🇺🇸

Fancy the Wild West? So head for the ochres of Rustrel, in the Vaucluse! The joint action of miners and nature has created a site with ocher tones, which is reminiscent of Bryce Canyon and the American West.

Sahara in Gironde 🌍

When you climb the highest dune in Europe, head down, the expanse of sand seems endless and it's like being in the middle of the Sahara! Of course, when you look up, the pine forest on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other bring you back to earth - or rather, to France. The view is no less extraordinary.

Canada in the Vosges 🇨🇦

A large lake with boat pontoons, surrounded by gentle slopes, themselves covered with dense fir vegetation. It is not surprising that this corner located on the foothills of the Vosges is nicknamed "Little Canada"! The lake even has the shape of a maple leaf, and we can't make this up.

Seychelles in Balagne 🇸🇨

Coves, white sand beaches, turquoise water, welcome to the Seychelles... Swap the five-star hotel for a night in a refuge, and you are in the Agriates desert, in northern Corsica. A natural paradise to discover over two days, far from civilization.

Sardinia in Finistère 🇮🇹

A path on the side of a cliff, overlooking a turquoise sea bordered by maritime pines. It's like being in the Mediterranean, but it is nevertheless in Finistère that these magnificent landscapes are found! A postcard decor.

The Philippines in the Verdon 🇵🇭

Cliffs forming a narrow canyon, emerald water, many paddle boards and pedal boats... This is the idyllic setting of El Nido, in the Philippines. But for those who wish to avoid the 15-hour flight, head for the Verdon, where similar landscapes are accessible by numerous paths.

England in Normandy 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

We admit it, we did not seek this resemblance very far! Geographically, only the Channel separates Etretat from England. But contextually, between the Covid and the Bexit, we are very happy to have such landscapes on this side.

Australia in Languedoc 🇦🇺

Wide open spaces, red earth, short vegetation reminiscent of the bush... It's like being in the land of kangaroos, but we are nevertheless on the shores of Lake Salagou, in the Hérault! An artificial water reservoir whose turn is done on a long day.

Cappadocia, still in Languedoc 🇹🇷

We stop you right away: if you come for the hot air balloons, go your way! Otherwise, the Cirque de Mourèze has everything to bring to mind the landscapes of Anatolia, with stones shaped by wind and rain, each more extravagantly shaped than the next.

Ireland in Côtes-d'Armor 🇮🇪

We love the beautiful landscapes of Ireland, its gigantic cliffs, its often rough seas... So this walk around the Cap Fréhel sentence has everything to please us, with breathtaking panoramas and an invigorating air as it should be.

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